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Success Stories

One day they were trainees in Al Jazeera Training Centre but now they are stars

Abdulrahman Al-Hamad

Head of Cameras Control Section - Al Kass Sports Channel

I consider myself a friend of the Institute. My participation in the “lighting course” opened the door for me to develop my professional skills in my current field. I have gained a lot of expertise, knowledge and various skills at the Institute over the last ten years, and most of them are in the field of photography, TV and television direction. The skills I have range from my focus on the appropriate angle of the image to the proper lighting and the suitable staff and how to make direction in a professional and creative way.

Rawdah Al-Qubaisi

Weekly Columnist

AlJazeera Training courses have contributed in developing Rawdah Al-Qubaisi’s skills and enforced her confidence in her talent. It also enhanced her capabilities to become an effective professional individual in her community. Rawdah says “ AlJazeera training made me become an active positive female in the Qatari Community in a short time. This became possible because of the training center’s highly competent trainers and diverse courses availability….. I attended most of these courses and they had a great impact of my personal and professional live.” Today Rawdah is a weekly columnist in Al-Watan newspaper in which she writes about strategic and human resources matters, aspiring to become a leading figure in Qatar’s 2030 vision.

Ghosoun Al Ajmi

Assistant Director Al Kass Sports Channel

Ghosoun Al Ajmi developed her skills in the field of TV Direction after having participated in several courses at Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Centre, including a special training course in Direction, and TV Direction diploma in the studio. Ghosoun says she discovered herself having underlying talents thanks to what she has learned. She began the first steps to achieve her dream of becoming a professional director at the center, to begin her professional journey as Assistant Director at Al Kass Sports Channel in Doha.

Ahmad Yousef Al-Malki

Presenter on Jeem TV

Ahmed Al-Malki considered joining Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Centre’ training courses a crucial stage with a significant impact on his career which led him to enter the field of TV journalism. Now, Ahmed Al-Malki is TV programs presenter in Jeem TV, as well as a trainer for young people on TV presentation in the Center

Buthaina al-Hitmi

journalist - Qatar In 2009, she did a diploma in E-Journalism that opened the door for her to become the first Qatari female journalist to work at Al Jazeera Net Website. By enrolling in specialized media courses at Al Jazeera Training Center, she was able, within a few years, to enter the world of journalism and become distinguished in digital journalism.

Mohammed Hassan Al Jefairi

Leader Making Trainer - Qatar

Because he believes media plays a vital role in developing individuals as well as the society as a whole, he joined a number of courses at Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center to develop his media-related skills. He then adopted his new professional skills of dealing with the mass and addressing the public so as to reach his ultimate goal; that is to be an active and effective individual. He decided to utilize the knowledge he has gained from Al Jazeera Training Center, in his effort to build and make leaders. He presented “Don’t miss it” program on Qatar Foundation Radio, and “The Expert” program on Qatar TV.

Asma Mohammed al-Haj

News and political programs presenter, Jordan

Mohammed Maher Aql

News anchor - Al Jazeera Network, Egypt - Qatar

Ahmed Al-Emadi

Program producer, Qatar