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we have always been intent on developing and diversifying courses that revolve around editorial and journalistic work in such domains as news, sports and economics

These courses are designed for those interested in occupying job positions in TV operation units. The focus is on preparing a highly professional generation able to tackle TV technical work with ambition, perseverance and creativity.

Online journalism courses are designed to cover editorial issues, investigative research and survey research, in addition to polishing technical skills and creative productivit.

We are developing highly specialized courses of pertinence to communication and public relations. The aim is to form mediagenerations capable of meeting the challenges of modern societies.

Design and creativity- two magic words that are regarded as the basic tenets of success for any media work. Content needs to be creative and aesthetic to be delivered in an attractive way to the largest audience possible.

Increased importance of photography has been coupled with the technological developments that have occurred in recent years. Photography is now established as the most important kind of visual arts that most people would opt for, irrespective of their different cultures and social strata.

Media skills courses have been designed to provide the trainees with the general and specialized skills needed in media institutions. Specialized skills are addressed to trainees requiring knowledge about skill transfer to others.

The diploma courses aim to provide the trainees with scientific expertise and in-depth knowledge needed to surmount the editorial and operational challenges of media work.

We believe that for a generation to be commensurate with the challenges of the media, the acquisition processof skills should start at early stage.

Technical Operation
Journalism & Sub editing
E- Journalism
Off-border Courses
Communication & Public Relations
Media Skills
Youth Programmes

Taking a look at our success stories

Zikrayat Ali

Director for Al Kass Sports Channels

is currently working as Director for Al Kass Sports Channels and Filmaker. She has produced several sports news programs on the channel and she confirms that the Institute's courses have added a lot of professionalism to her and changed her to the best. She also considers the Institute the "first media school in the Arab world".

Abdulrahman Al-Hamad

Head of Cameras Control Section - Al Kass Sports Channel

I consider myself a friend of the Institute. My participation in the “lighting course” opened the door for me to develop my professional skills in my current field. I have gained a lot of expertise, knowledge and various skills at the Institute over the last ten years, and most of them are in the field of photography, TV and television direction. The skills I have range from my focus on the appropriate angle of the image to the proper lighting and the suitable staff and how to make direction in a professional and creative way.

Rawdah Al-Qubaisi

Weekly Columnist

AlJazeera Training courses have contributed in developing Rawdah Al-Qubaisi’s skills and enforced her confidence in her talent. It also enhanced her capabilities to become an effective professional individual in her community. Rawdah says “ AlJazeera training made me become an active positive female in the Qatari Community in a short time. This became possible because of the training center’s highly competent trainers and diverse courses availability….. I attended most of these courses and they had a great impact of my personal and professional live.” Today Rawdah is a weekly columnist in Al-Watan newspaper in which she writes about strategic and human resources matters, aspiring to become a leading figure in Qatar’s 2030 vision.

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