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“Mobile Journalism” Workshop for Media Club


Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center and Media Club at Qatar University organized, as part of Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative, a Mobile Journalism workshop aiming at empowering and developing media talents and professionals. The participants showed great passion and admiration for the workshop. 

Nadine Demassi provided the workshop’s training which was held under the theme: “Credibility in message delivering, Expertise in skill developing”; with the participation of 46 male and female students from various disciplines and colleges of the university.


The training focused on the professional method of producing media news using mobile devices’ latest techniques. Nadine expressed her admiration for the participants and “their great interaction”, adding that “attendees produced more than six films during the four-hour workshop."

Talal Abdul Karim, Director of Marketing and Administrative Affairs at AJTC, opened the workshop by welcoming media collaboration with Media Club at Qatar University. He considered that the workshop is a good and effective step for the sake of developing Arab media talents, especially in the State of Qatar, and provide them with media skills through practical workshops aiming to provide journalists with the most essential and the latest skills and techniques. 


Azza Al-Ali, who is in charge of Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ initiative, at AJTC, pointed out that cooperation with Media Club is part of Al Jazeera Media Network commitment to ful?ll its mission and eagerness carry out its duties to support community service. In addition to contributing to the development and empowerment of media talents and prepare them to lead the media.

Omar al-Jumaili, Head of Media Club at Qatar University, said: "We have been honored by this collaboration with AJTC in conducting a number of media workshops and events crowned by this workshop". He stressed the importance of the workshop’s theme in the context of keeping up with the rapid developments happening in the media scene and the impact of technology in addressing and delivering news.

Participants have had a word to say too, as for Sarah Shadid (a first-year university student), she decided to attend the workshop due to the notable impact of mobiles in dealing with any media event, especially during the recent past years. Sarah’s opinion is shared by Mohammed Zahran (media student / journalism) who said: “the production of news using mobiles represents a new media revolution and the journalist needs to develop the skills on how to perfectly make use of it.”


It is worth noting that AJTC in collaboration with QU Media Club will be holding a monthly meeting; through organizing workshops for Qatar University students. These workshops, which will be held under Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ Initiative, will be focusing on media-related topics including its most important developments and tools. They will be offered by this initiative’s volunteers from Al Jazeera Network.