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AJMTC hosts News Impact Summit-Doha

AJMTC – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center (AJTC) hosted on Monday, May 30, in collaboration with European Journalism Center and the Google News Lab, hosted the ”News Impact Summit” themed “the Future of Digital Journalism: Mobile, Interactive, Verification”. The summit is held for the first time in an Arab country.

In his word in the opening session, Mounir Daymi, Director of AJTC welcomed the guests, the participating organizations, the panelists, and speakers. He underscored the importance of the topic of the summit and urged the participants to discuss and explore the future of the digital journalism under the fast-paced technological progress.


The opening session was attended by Dr. Mostefa Souag, Acting Director General of the network and a number of the network’s executive directors and officials; along a large audience who are interested in the digital journalism and new media.

Dima Khatib, Managing Director of AJ+ was among the panelists of the first session entitled “Mobile Interactive: From Design to Storytelling”. Khatib overviewed the AJ+ experience and the model it adopts to tell stories, news, concepts which perfectly suites the social and new media platforms.


In his keynote presentation, Mohammed Al Mokhtar, Manager of Online Arabic Department, introduced the audience to the Aljazeera.Net strategy, progress and development phases it went through, and the highlights of its recent products and services which are the result of coping with the fast-paced technological progress.

The summit program included a number of workshops on topic concerning its theme such as “Digital Tools of Google for Journalism”, “Verification of User Generated Content” which are of great benefit to check the credibility of news spread all over social media platforms.