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AJMTC holds a workshop in Qatar University

AJMTC – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center organized and held on Saturday, May 28, a workshop in Qatar University entitled “The Skills of a Successful Presenter”. The workshop attracted 50 participants; and came in the framework of the partnership between AJTC and Media Club of Qatar University.



Mohamed Mzaimer, AJA Presenter, provided the training. He expressed his excitement with the interactivity and in-class participation of the students which showed how eager they were to learn and acquire new skills.

The workshop provided the participants with overview of the main and critical skills required for TV presenters, and the challenges encountered by presenters. The workshop offered the participants the chance to actually practice reading and presenting mock news.


The workshop hosted Asma Al-Hamadi, Presenter at Qatar TV. She introduced the participants to her professional experience and how she dealt with the challenges of the profession and the media field in general.

This workshop came after a previous one entitled “Mobile Journalism” was offered by Nadine El Dimassi of AJE earlier this year.