"New Technical Courses" at Al Jazeera Training - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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"New Technical Courses" at Al Jazeera Training

Al Jazeera Training - Doha

Aljazeera Media Training Center announces new training courses to develop the technical skills of both media employees and non-media professionals.

Hans Guenter Vogt, Head of Technical Systems, Internal Training Section at Al Jazeera Training Center said that: “Media and non-media organizations have become looking for a multi-skilled journalist. Among these skills media editing and direction and other additional skills that a journalist has to be familiar with today; so that the journalist must keep abreast of technical developments in today's world, and applications related to the field of work, such as Photoshop and InDesign”.

Guenter Vogt stressed that it is crucial for the journalist to continuously develop technological skills and follow the latest applications, programs and tools that can contribute to offer discreet and attractive content to the audience. He also noted that these courses will be offered in the evenings to provide an opportunity for those interested to attend them and develop the essential skills.

The courses that will be offered are as follows:

Photoshop Fundamentals, Photoshop CC (Advanced), Lightroom Digital Photo Processing and Editing, InDesign Fundamentals, InDesign CC (Advanced), Acrobat Fundamentals, Illustrator Fundamentals, Illustrator CC (Advanced), Introduction to Premiere Pro CC and Premiere Pro CC (Advanced).