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AJTC’s Ambassadors train 1000+ over 6 months

Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ Initiative of Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center (AJTC) has provided training to unprecedented number of trainees; more than 1000 benefitted from its courses over the first six months of the current year.

Azza Alali, supervisor of Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative said the center has organized, in collaboration with 15 media partners, 32 training courses, over the first two quarters of 2016. In addition, “TV Journalist” Diploma and “Sports Media” course were introduced for the first time during the same period.

“The initiative reached out to Lebanon, the Sudan, Turkey, Mauritania, Palestine, Morocco and the State of Qatar,” Alali said.

During a regular meeting, the AJTC staff celebrated that success, simultaneously with another celebration held in Morocco during a “Sport Media” training course; which provided by Raed Abid who was the first Ambassador of the initiative and held the first course in Ramullla, Palestin