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3 Media diplomas in one month


Aljazeera Media Training & Development Center is offering, next November three different media diplomas that cover TV Journalism, PR and Documentary Filmmaking domains:

TV Presentation Diploma

TV Presentation Diploma starts on November 20 by a selected stars from Aljazeera Network whose main goal is to provide trainees with the required communication skills such as body language as an expressive tool before the camera, how to control and utilize voice tone and master elocution skills. At the end of the diploma, participants will be able to professionally read TV news and professionally run TV interviews.

Public Relations Diploma

PR Diploma will continue for 30 days until Dec 11th. Where PR experts trainers will enable participants of this diploma to effectively plan and establish the best relations between an organization and the public, ability to successfully plan PR campaigns, leverage in managing communications during crisis. In addition to that diploma participants will understand the importance of social responsibility to companies and organizations as well. Diploma participants will also acquire skills and techniques of addressing public and talking to media.

• Filmmaking diploma (Accredited by German Film Academy Baden-Wurttenberg)

Documentary Filmmaking Diploma will be held from NOV 6th. to DEC 11th.in cooperation with the German Film Academy Baden-Wurttemberg. At the end of the program, participants will have good understanding of different documentary theories and documentary schools. They will acquire better understanding of visual language and its expressive and dramatic powerful impact, and a better taste for artistic backgrounds/ philosophy of Montage Theory and how to utilize that in documentary production. All these gains and knowledge will be through a series of practices and hands-on training from scratching idea to clean screen product under the supervision of a well selected documentary experts and trainers.
It’s worth to be mentioned that Aljazeera Media Training & Development Center, for the first time, introduces a Digital Media Diploma to its course schedule for the year 2017.