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Mobile Journalism Booklet


The Al Jazeera Media Training and Development Center (AJTC) released a booklet on mobile journalism, as part of its strategy to cope with the fast-paced technology progress in the media industry.

The booklet highlights the advantages of using a smartphone in the news production and distribution process, thanks to its light weight and portability, especially useful when covering breaking news, natural disasters and war zones. Moreover, it can be used by none professionals to record and transfer information in areas that are hard to reach by journalists.

In addition to including tips and best practices, the booklet enlists the required skills to produce reports, videos and images as well as suggestions of editing software, sound, and live broadcast applications.

Al Jazeera has been a pioneer in utilizing smartphones in the news production process. Our colleague Nadine Demassi covered entirely the Mobile Journalism Conference –held in Dublin- using her smartphone. Also, the AJTC holds training courses on mobile journalism regularly.

Note: We review periodically the app suggestion section of our booklet, due to the ever-changing mobile app market. We appreciate your patience and understanding if you find that some of our suggested apps in the version of the booklet you downloaded is no longer available. We encourage you to keep visiting our website to get our booklet updates.