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OPH’s delegation visits Al Jazeera

AJMTC – Doha

A delegation from Qatar Health Minister visited Al Jazeera on Tuesday, February 21, to get introduced to Al Jazeera’s experience in the media and strategy fields.

The delegation was introduced to the network’s history and the elements of success that Al Jazeera accomplished over the past two decades. It also learned about the digital transformation embraced by the network.

during his speech, Khaled Johar, Executive Director of Human Resources and Administrative Affairs, presented the “Elevation” project to the delegation. It has been implemented in the network for the past 5 years. It aims to improve the current employees’ set of skills and to draw competent and highly skilled potential employees.


Dr. Yaser Bishr, Executive Director of Digital Division, spoke about the network’s digital strategy that aims to compete with the world leading media organizations; and to cope up with the fast-paced technological development.

Dima Khatib, Managing Director of AJ+, introduced the delegation to the AJ+ experience and the multiple successes it achieved over the relatively short period. Dima stressed out the Al Jazeera’s concern with and encouragement to the working women in the society.


With regards to training, Mounir Daymi, Training Center Director, pointed out the importance of transferring Al Jazeera and its employees experience to the novice in the media industry and the individuals interested in pursuing careers in the media field. He stressed out that the freedom the journalists enjoy and the lack of censorship are the major elements that led to the success of Al Jazeera.

The delegation had a tour in the Al Jazeera Arabic, English and Training Center. They have visited the studios and the newsrooms.