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Six courses by AJ Ambassadors in Tunisia


Al Jazeera Media Institute (AJMI) had organized six courses simultaneously in Tunisia within the framework of the Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative. More than 100 participants benefited from the training which were organized in collaboration with the Institute for Journalism and Information Sciences.

The courses included TV presenting, investigative journalism, TV correspondence, online journalism, news bulletin production, and Filmmaking. Our colleagues Mohamed Krichen, Abdeddayem Sammari, Amal Wanas, Mohamed Daoud, Lotfy Hajji and Dr. Hossam Wahbeh provided the training in these courses.

The Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative of AJMI was designed to reach out to a large sector of media and journalism students in the Arab world and elsewhere; and to share the experiences and skills of Al Jazeera’s staff with others in various fields.