SUCCESS STORIES : Abdulrahman Al-Hamad - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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SUCCESS STORIES : Abdulrahman Al-Hamad

We had an interview with Abdulrahman Al-Hamad, Cameras Control Section Head at Al Kass Sports Channel, who participated in several courses at the Institute:

- How did you know Al Jazeera Media Institute?

My first experience at the Institute was through my work, when I attended the “lighting course”. The course gave me the opportunity to meet many trainees and learn more about the Institute's various courses and I have attended 11 courses over the past years.

- What courses did you attend?

As mentioned, I participated in the lighting course and tried hard to develop my skills in the technical field. I attended several courses, all of which are in my field of work. I have developed my photography and television skills and my love for documentary film production. The courses included film, documentary film course, TV presentation introduction, photography fundamentals, documentary film production, TV production, sound engineering, TV portraiture production. The latest course was a filmmaking diploma in cooperation with the New York Film Academy.

- What is your current field of work and how did the courses contributed in developing your media skills?

I work for Al-Kass Sports Channel in the Technical Operations Department as Head of Cameras Control Section. Each course I attended has had an impact on my current field. The cameras control section represents the image quality. As you know, the proper angle of the image and the specific position has a significant effect on the image in a perfect and professionally correct way.

- In your opinion, what distinguishes the Institute?

I really have many points among which the following: accessibility to the Institute in the State of Qatar, which must be dealt with effectively. Also, the Institute is equipped with all

appropriate facilities for media training including modern studios with sophisticated technology, and I would like to pay tribute to the technical staff and the cooperation of competent trainers and experts.

last word:

I consider myself the Institute's son and friend, and I would like to thank you for all the excellent media services to improve the level of media.