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Success Store: Dhikrayat Ali

Dhikrayat Ali, Director for Al Kass Sports Channels and Filmaker. Bachelor of Media, Department of Radio and Television. She participated in several courses at Al Jazeera Media Institute, we had this interview with her:

• How did you hear about the institute?
While I was following a program on Al Jazeera Channel’s screen, I saw an announcement about the Institute’s training courses, which is within my specialty, so I decided to develop my skills through it.

• How many courses have you attended at the Institute?
In fact, I participated in many courses for a year directly after graduation at the Institute, starting with the Direction Course – beginners’ level, then intermediate and advanced levels. I also attended the Directing, Preparation and Broadcasting Course, in addition to other courses related to the technical or editorial fields.

• Which course has professionally influenced you?
I think that I have been professionally benefited of all the courses I have attended, but the benefit was also on a personal level.

Is there a message you would like to deliver to those who have not yet attended the Institute's courses?
I confirm that the Al-Jazeera Media Institute is one of the best institutes in the preparation of future media, and those who have not yet joined it should do so.

• Tell us briefly about your media message?
I believe that media has a noble message, through which I aspire to serve my country, with my commitment to truthfulness, objectivity, transparency, clarity and honesty, and from my point of view these words in their deep meanings summarize (the media) and I ask Allah that these values be present in my media message to reach the goal.

• Last word:
Many thanks to the Institute that becomes the first media institute in the region, thanks to what you have provided to the media and media professionals. Most of the successful journalists and media professionals "passed" from here.