Interview with trainee: Raneem Mekne - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Interview with trainee: Raneem Mekne

Raneem Meknes, a trainee who attended the E-Marketing Course at Al Jazeera Media Institute

- How did you hear about the Institute's courses?

One of my friends who attended a course several years ago, advised me to attend courses at the Institute. At that time, I was living in North America and was following the Institute’s activities online through its website and social media channels until I had the opportunity to participate in the last e-marketing course.

- Why this course specifically?

Because it is a course related to my field of work, and which helps me a lot in being more productive and knowledgeable. The technical field is constantly changing, and it is necessary to update information from time to time.

- How do you see your skills after the course?

Thankfully, the course has greatly enhanced my skills and, of course, by reviewing the training sessions’ content and training, I can further master what I have learned.

 - What do you think about the Institute in general?

This is not the first time I travel to attend a course in my field but it is the first time I feel this enthusiasm and passion at the training premises. The Institute is characterized by motivations for study, development and learning in every corner, in addition to the presence of a large number of motivated male and female students who were eager to stay until late at night for the sake of learning.

- Do you recommend others to attend courses at the Institute?

Yes, I would recommend this for sure, and I recommend that the course’s description should be read attentively before joining in order to know the level of the course and whether it’s appropriate to the trainee’s level and skills. I look forward to attending the E-Journalism Course, the Strategic Communications Planning Course and the Training of Trainers Course, as they all come into my field of work.

 - Last word:

I have already attended many courses in various countries and training centers around the world and found that what distinguishes Al-Jazeera Media Institute is that it combines international experience with Arab identity, a very unique combination that is difficult to find.