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The fifth issue of AJ Institute's magazine is out

AJMI - Doha

The Al Jazeera Media Institute published the fifth issue of the Journalism magazine. it sheds light on the challenges women working in the field of journalism mostly encounter. The report has been compiled and prepared by a number of female journalists from several Arab countries. The report also explores the same issue in Europe – France in particular. In Africa, the African female journalist have the electronic journalism as a common factor; while in Iran the photo journalism is primarily dominated by the female journalists.  Another report – translated from Neiman Reports of Harvard University – addresses how the pioneer female journalists have contributed to diversifying the approach to reporting in addition to exploring the difference in reporting according to different journalist of genders and skin-color.

A report prepared by our colleague Mona Hawa explored the opinions of a number of female journalists working for Al Jazeera Media Network; explored their status as females in Al Jazeera. The report went one step farther and provided some tips that may make their work easier, which in turn would improve their performance. An interview with Salam Hendawi was conducted, who belongs to the new generation and proved herself as a war zones journalist. 

In addition to that report, the issue contained various topics such as the launch of the new Moroccan newspapers which highlight the question of the shaky situation of the print-newspapers. The fifth issue also sheds light on the new youth-oriented website of Meedan; the new baby of Al Jazeera Net. The only masculine contribution to this issue was made by our colleague Mohamed Al-Baqali who prepared a report on the French coverage of “Terrorism”.

It is worth noting that all the interior designs and the cover were designed by female designers.

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