Interview with Mr. Hamad Al Yafei - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Interview with Mr. Hamad Al Yafei

Hamad Al Yafie is a lawyer from Qatar, graduated from Cairo University in 2007, and an active human rights activist in social media. He joined specialized courses at the Institute and positively influenced his career and his practical life.

 - How did you hear about the Institute?

The Al-Jazeera Media Institute is one of the leading institutes at the regional and international levels, which has earned its reputation among those seeking interest and development in various media fields. So it was easy for me and others to hear about this reputable institute which is always highly recommended.

What courses did you attend?

I have attended three courses: speaking to the public/audience, dealing with the media, and a course of strategies to build the mental image of the institutions.

What impact did these courses have on you?

There are many institutes that give courses, but few of them that offer trainees self-confidence and create a real improvement, especially when it is given by a group of specialized expertise. In fact, as a lawyer I have extremely benefited of the courses which reflected in both being more confident and able to deal with others more interactively. In terms of work, these courses have left a visible impact on my behavior. I become more capable of dealing with people, and have been nurtured with increased confidence and a deeper understanding of others.

What distinguishes the Institute from your point of view?

What really distinguishes the Institute is giving the courses subject special attention to make them unique and specialized, which is beneficial to the trainees. This is also an intellectual and academic reserve that is a milestone in the curriculum vitae of any trainee. In addition, the trainers are characterized by their expertise in the field of courses; they are highly experienced and knowledgeable, making any trainee gains real benefit.

I recommend everyone to take part in one of the courses of the Institute and they will witness themselves the great impact that will be achieved by that course in terms of personality enhancement and construction in accordance with the highest methodical and training curricula.