Success Story: Saleh Al-Kuwari - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Success Story: Saleh Al-Kuwari

AJMI - Doha

Saleh al-Kuwari, who works for the Qatar Olympic Committee, is a media lover and amateur of the “career of toubles”. He has participated in a number of local forums on e-journalism and is currently preparing a working paper on the future of e-journalism (digital journalism/online media) in Europe.

How did you hear about the institute?

The Institute has a local and universal reputation that no one denies. I never thought of joining the courses until I became a media activist.

I found that the media field required skills development, and I did not hesitate to register and sit in the classroom like any other trainee to benefit from the course and interact with the content and information provided by the trainer.

What did you benefit of the courses?

I have gained many skills, the most important of which is the development of my vocal presentation skills, the fear of being on camera, and my current skills in managing discussions and conversations in a more systematic way, as well as getting to know a number of colleagues working in media.

Tell us about your media message.

I believe in the importance of the e-journalism (digital journalism/online media) and its role in educating the recipient about the issues of his/her society, especially as we are in a world that depends on the means of communication as a source of news, so I set up the Al-Bilad digital newspaper and I set up a platform on YouTube where I deal with issues affecting the community in which I live. I am confident that with every course I attend, I will enhance the impact of my media message and to deliver it on a professional methodology basis.

Any final word?

Every trainee in the State of Qatar or abroad must take advantage of the courses he or she participates in. Today, the Institute offers the best courses, one of the best media institutes in the region. It is distinguished by its experienced media trainers, as well as itd distinctive training environment.