October Training Courses - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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October Training Courses

Every month, the Institute is striving to offer specialized courses in all media realms to ensure promoting amateurs skills, and to provide professionals with media tools that help them develop their performance. October courses include technical operations, media skills in addition to public Relations/ communication courses.

Organizing Conferences and Events 1-5 Oct

Drone Filming Skills   1-3 Oct

Visual Storytelling            1-5 Oct

Introduction to TV Presentation 8-12 Oct

Media Skills for Public Relations 8-12 Oct

Introduction to Simultaneous Translation (Arabic / English) 8-16 Oct

Introduction to Stills Photography            15-19 Oct

Writing for PR    15-19 Oct

Train the Trainer 15-19 Oct

Etiquette for Female (Evening)   15-19 Oct

Novel Writing     15-17 Oct

Estimative Budgeting for Media Corporations      15-19 Oct

TV Talk Show Presentation          22-26 Oct

InDesign Advanced (Evening )     22-26 Oct

Crisis Media Management           22-26 Oct

Meeting the Press           22-26 Oct

Etiquette & Protocol       22-26 Oct

Skills of Voice Placement & Elocution (Evening ) 22-26 Oct

Dubbing and Voice Over (Turkey / Istanbul ) 23-27 Oct