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Interview with Fajr Al Hammadi

The trainee Fajr al-Hammadi, ten years old, and one of the best students who enrolled in the courses for the youth at the Al-Jazeera Media Institute and was excellent. Fajr also participated in Qatar's Scientific Excellence Program, which aims to expose talent and creativity in the education sector.

"I decided this year to develop my skills in several areas, including photography, standing in front of the camera and finally acquiring the skills to communicate with others, on a methodical basis," Fajr said.

"The announcement of the courses for young people drew attention of my mother; who is keen to develop my skills and motivation to learn everything that is useful." ”, she added.
Fajr participated in three training courses this summer.

She also pointed out that: “In each course I attend, I learn new skills, starting with the photography course which I was fond of. I used to take pictures with my iPad and smartphone. Now I am able to use the professional camera. My father offered me a big Canon camera and promised to buy more specialized imaging tools if I further improve my skills.

I thought the news anchor is learning the bulletin by heart; once I got into the Little Anchor course, I discovered a device called: the automated reader, helping anchors read the bulletin professionally. Today I am no longer afraid to stand in front of the camera and become able to prepare and present a program that combines fun and knowledge at the same time. The etiquette course added a lot of great details to my interaction with others, and reflected my personality with confidence and simplicity.

Fajr has her own hobbies. She likes to read stories, especially in English, to improve her ability to speak and write in a language other than Arabic. She also likes to travel and learn about other cultures by visiting museums and archaeological sites.

Fajr Al-Hammadi is looking forward to attending an advanced photography course at the Institute and another advanced course of the Little Anchor, so that she will be able to improvise and talk without pre-prepared text.