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Al Jazeera Institute launches E-Learning website

AJMI - Doha

Around the same time of the 21st anniversary of Al Jazeera Media Network, Al Jazeera Media Institute launched on Thursday, November, the E-Learning website, which cope with the fast-pace progress of the technology and digital era in the world.

At the official launch of the service, Munir Daymi, Director of the AJ Media Institute, welcomed the guests and said: “The institute aims through this service to reach out to the largest number of audience who is interested in media training and professional development wherever they maybe.” Daymi said Al Jazeera believes in people’s right to learn. It is devoted to overcome the challenges and make the learning and training available to everyone who is eager to receive training. Daymi emphasized on the importance of making E-Learing available in every educational organization.



The first version of the AJMI E-Learning website contains six courses in Arabic language. It also offers an online forum for the trainees to exchange their expertise and discuss their issues among themselves and with the trainers as well.

Ali Menadi Al-Kaabi, E-Learning Project Manager, said “The E-Learning is just like Al Jazeera is not limited to time or place;” and invited the audience to enjoy the courses available online. He called them to provide their feedback on the website. In addition, he promised with more courses to be available in the future. A schedule of the complete set of courses will be available by mid-2018.