2018 schedule - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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2018 schedule


Al Jazeera Media Institute (AJMI) announced its courses and Diplomas schedule for 2018. It included two new categories: design skills and photography and creative skills.

The 2018 training includes 22 new titles including TV Reporter Diploma, Video production for Digital Platforms, Information Security, Consultant Training, Storytelling – Multimedia, Storytelling – Snapchat, Storytelling – Instagram, Walk and Talk Report, and In-House TV Report.

Munir Daymi, Director of the AJMI, said the courses were designed while the fast-paced progress of the digital media is mind; in addition to the increase of interest in training among the Qatari citizens, furthermore, the international interest in special issues such as Information Security.

Daymi pointed out that the these public courses comprise only 25% of the institute’s activities which include offering training outside of Qatar through Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiatives, customized courses for organizations and institutions, Media consultations to establish new media organizations, in addition to the publications and productions.

There are 181 courses open for the public in 2018. They cover TV journalists, technical operations, digital journalism, Communication and Public Relations, and Diploma programs. In addition to special training for the youths.

The new design and creativity courses include Adobe Muse, Character Animator, Final Cut – advanced, and After Effects.