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AJMI and DCMF sign media cooperation

AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute signed, on December 13, a media cooperation agreement with Doha Center for Media Freedom. A number of officials from both institutions attended the signing ceremony.

The agreement aims to exchanging expertise as well as media training. According to the agreement, the center will benefit from the annual public courses as well as customized ones, the center may request; in addition the Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiatives.

Hanan al-Yafei, Manager of Monitoring and Advocacy at Doha Center for Media Freedom, signed the agreement on behalf of the center, while Munir Daymi, Director of AJMI, signed on behalf of the institute.

Daymi expressed his pride in this agreement, which is a natural result of a previous long cooperation between the two institutions. He also referred to the common objectives they both have, including establishing and creating media culture with integrity, producing professional media materials and believing in the role of the media in developing societies and institutions.

In her speech in the signing ceremony, Hanan al-Yafie expressed her excitement for signing such an agreement and said it would pave the way to new stage of cooperation in pursuit of serving media as a profession as well as the media professionals. The cooperation would also boost the mutual efforts, and would make developing skills more effective.

She continued saying the center had been keen since its launch to extend bridges of cooperation to various media institutions both locally and beyond the borders - especially to train and advocate journalists.

Hanan praised the institute’s role in building and polishing the journalists’ skills, and providing media consultations. She expressed her conviction that the agreement would increase the productivity of the center, and would make the mutual goals more attainable.