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AJMI’s eighth issue of "Sahafa" released

AJMI – Doha

The eighth issue of the Al Jazeera Media Institute’s monthly print magazine "Sahafa" (The Press) has been released. This issue highlights the investigative journalism whose role is rapidly growing under the ongoing political rapid development in the Middle East.

Asaad Zalzaly wrote about his investigative work that exposed large-scale corruption in the Iraqi schools; an investigative for which he was awarded the “Bright Light” award by an international investigative journalism organization.

Other reports shed light on the challenges and the required traits of the investigative journalist. Phil Rees, acting Director of Investigative Directorate wrote why Al Jazeera Investigative Directorate would welcome Sherlock Holmes to work for it.

Majda al-Arami wrote about Inkevada website, which exposed a number of corruption scandals in Tunisia. The issue contains other reports on the reasons behind rejecting the investigative journalism by all fighting parties in Syria.

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