Interview with trainee: Salman Bin Nasser - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Interview with trainee: Salman Bin Nasser


Salman Bin Nasser Al-Khanji, Public Relations and Marketing Officer and spokesperson for the Qatar Golf Association, has been a professional in a variety of sports, including golf, mountaineering, skiing, and hiking. Salman believes that Al Jazeera Media Institute is a media training environment that stimulates the development of skills, refining them and turning them into strengths that effectively affect the professional trainee's life.

- Salman as he sees himself:

I am an individual who is led by experience and values, and who is in search of new and vital challenges. So, I chose to try life myself. Perhaps because I love philosophy.

- What are your talents?

I can identify the talents of others. I can see the links between ideas, relationships and projects, and I would like to think in a philosophical and abstract way to see things in a completely different, environmentally friendly and adventurous world, whether in the world of ideas or nature.

- How did you know about the Institute?

I was searching on the internet for courses in photography and documentaries; I found the Institute's website, and I find my hobby; especially as I am about to participate in skiing adventures in Iceland, Norway and Sweden at the time.

- How many courses did you attend?

I participated in a number of courses: audio and dubbing course, introduction to television presentation, media communication skills, media communication skills for public relations, mobile film production, enterprise social networking strategy, audio and sound concentration, and finally Training course for trainees.

- How did the Institute contribute to the development of your skills?

In fact, I have a strong and consistent voice that reflects my own self-confidence, the ability to speak in front of the camera and also the ability to film and document my moments when I make change. I have also been able to appear in the media, both professionally and practically, as I represent the Qatar Golf Association, or on a personal level. Recently, I have become the first golf sports analyst and commentator for Al Kass TV Channels during the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters Championship.

- What is your media message?

I ask all those whom their fear prevents them from spreading and sharing their potential with others by going to the Al Jazeera Media Institute to explore their potentials and skills; in a media training environment that spurs the spirit of progress and turns weaknesses into strengths.

- Tips for a new Trainee?

Do not miss the opportunity to make the most of these courses, and to have relationships with participants who have a strong desire to develop their skills and abilities. And finally be sure that you have talents and energies not yet discovered.