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Interview with trainer: Haji Jaber

Haji Jaber is an Eritrean novelist. He has three novels: “Samrawit”, “Mersa Fatima”, “Spindle Game”, and a fourth novel, “Black Foam”. His novel, “Samrawit”, won the Sharjah Award for Arab Creativity in 2012.

Haji Jaber offers the “Writing for the Novel” course at Al Jazeera Media Institute.

- What fun does training offer you?

I was not previously aware that training was all that fun. There is gratification of the virtue of giving in some way, the joy of conveying information or an idea to others who might invest it in a useful way. This creates a sequence of benefit for humans. I do not talk about myself; I am the outcome of those who made me ready and qualified for this role and so on.

- Is it enough for a three-to-five-day course to produce a successful Novelist?

Regardless of the number of training days, the course does not produce an excellent novelist from scratch; it is just a threshold in a long journey. It is an auxiliary and helpful step and not the body text in novel writing. However, if we want to talk about the number of days, the course requires a minimum of five days and more days are required depending on the proportion of tasks.

- Is there general advice for those who participated in novel writing courses?

As mentioned above, the course as just an auxiliary step, so the trainee must carry on the learning and writing journey, be keen to participate in every available course, and read works that enhance his writing skill and narrative prowess.

- Are there general rules related to the field of novel that you can highlight here?

Talking about the novel requires a wider space. The novel, in my opinion, is a an appropriate idea and technique in addition to a good language, together with a truthful illusion until the reader integrates with what he reads.

- Away from training, what are your hobbies and how do they affect the training process?

I spend my time between sports, reading and writing. Training gives me an opportunity to be present-minded, in terms of the novel, and to lift my enthusiasm to read and write more, and sports are also in this track.