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AJMI fellows presented their researches


Al Jazeera Media Institute provided its first fellowship researchers a platform to present and discuss their researches on Thursday, May 31, 2018. The discussion sessions were attended by the AJMI’s Director, managers, and employees as well as a number of the network’s staff.

Four fellows briefly presented to the audience their research. They briefed them on the purpose of the study, the significance of the research, the challenges, conclusions and recommendations. The researches were supervised by Dr. Fatima Alsmadi and Mohamed Erraji of Al Jazeera Center for Studies.

All researches revolved around journalistic matters and studied Al Jazeera activity on that regard. Lahassan Saquor, from Morocco, will presented “News Story on Video: Visual Attraction and the Quality of the Content: The Case of AJ+”. The Syrian Abdullah Maksoor’s research is titled “Al Jazeera and the Journalists Safety: The Case of Syria”. Tarek Binhada from Morroco presented his research “Al Jazeera Coverage of ISIS News: Editorial Standards and News Verification”; and Enas Bu Saidi, from Tunisia, researched the “Al Jazeera Coverage of Yemeni Question: Mechanism of Verifying the Social Media Platforms’ News”.

AJMI launched the fellowship program in January of this year to promote the academic research, and provide the opportunity to journalists and researchers to have professional experiences and studies available.

The fellowship is of two types: Al Jazeera Fellowship, and Visiting Journalist Fellowship. The program revolves around three main aspects: digital journalism, challenges encountered by media organizations, and journalism and human rights.

Al Jazeera Media Institute announces the names of the first intake of researchers who have been accepted as fellows of the institute back in February after their applications had been reviewed and approved - from among a very large number of applications - by a specialized committee.