Interview with trainee: Nevin Al Khawaja - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Interview with trainee: Nevin Al Khawaja

Attending courses in Aljazeera Media Institute have helped Niveen Al-Khawaja to build and develop her professional fundamentals and practical tools in the fields of news presentation and field reports, which enabled her to become a journalist and news anchor for Qatar TV.

- Tell us about you, your professional and educational career?

My name is Neveen Khawaja, a news anchor, and a field reporter for Qatar TV since 2016. I hold an English language degree from Qatar University in 2003 and a master's degree in translation studies from Hamad Bin Khalifa University. In the spring of 2014, I studied the media translation under the supervision of the senior translator for Al Jazeera Arabic and English at the time, Dr. Ashraf Abdel Fattah, which dealt with the language tools and the appropriate editorial line for the news and news reports, leading me to join the news field.

- What hobbies do you practice?

Reading, sports and following news channels and documentaries.

- What courses did you attend at Al Jazeera Media Institute?

In 2015, I participated in the following courses: TV news, TV reporter skills, press editing, and newsroom reporting by the most prominent journalists on Al Jazeera. I also joined other courses later, such as: concentration of voice and casting, and public speaking. These courses obviously played an important role in refining and developing the presentation skills with confidence and consistency. I also intend to join the two courses: writing for the image and documentary filmmaking, for their significance in improving the skills of those involved in television field in general, especially the news media. Al Jazeera Media Institute has a good reputation among the employees of Qatar TV, which led me to join the courses that serve my goal and ambition in accomplishing TV news work in a professional way.

- What skills have your courses developed?

The Institute's courses are based on professional foundations and theoretical and practical tools on the accurate professional assets in the fields of: news presentation, field reports and editing, which enabled me to work with Qatar TV as confidently and professionally as possible.

I learned the basics of casting, sound and the correct voice tone when speaking and presenting, and how to deal quickly with the difficult situations in the studio, as well as taking into account the quality of the questions appropriate to each guest according to his character. In addition to how to pinpoint and research an angle before starting the subject of the field report, and let the image breathe away from writing, because it is what reflects the subject of the report, not the description. I have also learned the extents and angles of the footage and its implications when filming a situation in the report. Many other skills support the work of the anchor, who, in my view, should be familiar with the skills of other television journalism, not just the presentation.

- What is your media message?

My message is to convey the news in a way that applies the right professional principles that I have learned at the Institute and elsewhere, away from the old media school.

- Last word.

A last word for those interested in training and aspiring to excellence in the media TV field .. Do not miss any information or advice from any coach/trainer, and try to always benefit from the global curriculum provided by the Institute, it addresses every detail in the TV field. The practical courses offered by the trainers and the curriculum are the way to a clear and deep understanding of this field, and then work with professionalism, excellence and creativity