Interview with trainee: Salman Ahmad - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Interview with trainee: Salman Ahmad

The TV presentation courses has developed Salman Ahmad’s skills in the TV presenting field, especially in reading newsletters in a professional and a highly efficient manner. In addition to its prominent role in providing the basics and rules of scientific and practical presentation.

-          Tell us about Salman Ahmad:

To begin, I graduated from Qatar University with a bachelor degree. My story with media began with a (school pencil case), when I was six years old I like to stand in front of the mirror with the pencil case, pretending it as a microphone to imitate some famous TV correspondents at that time.

Then when I reached fourteen, my passion moved from the mirror to somewhere else. I took part in presenting radio programs for children and young people, and participated in educational programs. Later, in 2015 I moved from radio to Qatar TV and again I went through another stage of facing the screen and appearing on it. Today, due to my love and self-development, I succeeded in being a program presenter and a news anchor.

-          What is your hobby?

Away from the screen, I am in love with sports and especially football, I consider my follow-up and sports exercising, a way to change my mood and work routine.

-          How many courses did you attend?

I joined Al Jazeera Media Institute in 2014, two courses, the first course was with the trainer Arty Halay, in TV presenting, and the second course was with the broadcaster Mohammed Krishan, a more specialized course in news TV presenting.


-         How did you hear about the institute and joined the courses?

The institute has a good reputation in the Qatari media. The most prominent and bright Qatari screen stars have graduated from these courses, and I am planning to continue my training and take an advantage of the courses that Aljazeera Media institute offers.

-          What skills were developed after joining the courses?

Many skills were developed, I attended the first course before joining Qatar TV screen, which was about the basics of television that paved my way to enter the world of presentation, and I highly benefited from the various TV dialogues and presentation methods. However, I attended the second course before joining the newsletters world, and I believe it had a great impact on the efficiency and professionalism of presenting bulletins that require certain skills, to read actively and according to the nature of the news in the bulletin.

-          What is your media message?

Towards a more ethical media

-          What is your advice to those who will join the courses after you?

Feel free to ask questions and do not hesitate to repeat them, the trainers summarize their years of experience in media in short training courses. And always remember that the trainer have the experience and you are there to benefit from them. And know that no matter the success you reach in your media career, you will not dispense from continuous progress and development in media, and you will not find a better environment than Al Jazeera Media institute.

-          How important is training and skills development in your life?

I believe that no matter experience I gain in either media or any other field in life. There is always someone who has more experience than me, which I should learn from. The training has a great impact on my short media career, without it I wouldn’t have the self-confidence, which I have today, and gratefully feel good about in my presenting.