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Two Specialized Courses in Istanbul

Aljazeera Media Institute - Doha 

Aljazeera Media Institute, in cooperation with Jood Media Center, is organizing two specialized courses in Istanbul, Turkey in October.  

The TV presentation course which will be held from 22 October for five days, will be conducted by Wassila Oualmi Who is going provide participants with the basics of TV presentation, and the most important skills that presenters/anchors must have, whether in front of the camera, in terms of reading properly, dialogue proficiency, or subject control, in addition to efficient body language control, emergency preparedness and other skills.

In the second course will run from October 29 to November 2, Trainer Amna Omar will cover dubbing and voice over.

Participants will learn about recording and footage techniques; how to handle the microphone for a flawless recording, and then introduce dubbing art, and learn the stages of dubbing: from translation, to preparation, to audio performance.