Success Story: Khaled Al Hasnawi - Al Jazeera Media Institute
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Success Story: Khaled Al Hasnawi

AJMI - Morocco

Khaled Al-Hasnawi - Documentary Filmmaker: Khaled Al Hasnawi participated in the documentary filmmaking courses, and the film “ARCAL” he produced as part of an course won regional awards. "The documentary filmmaking course at the institute was the real start of my career," he says.

- Could you please introduce Khalid Al-Hasnawi?

Currently, I work as a director and a producer of documentaries and manage a production company from the city (Rashidia) in Morocco.

I’ve directed a number of documentaries including “Aba Massoud”, ‘Arkal’, ‘Iron Woman”, and a long documentary entitled "Bushra Dreams ". I also participated in several international festivals, won several Awards.

Now, I am preparing a huge documentary about the history of the "Malhoun" in Morocco, a project to be shown on Al Jazeera Documentary Channel, and I hope it will be accepted.

- Tell us about your hobbies.

I have many hobbies but the closest to me is to sail between different cultures and to see diverse societies that are rich in history, not by traveling, to read quite a bit of my time, to play basketball with my comrades, and am also fond of cinema.

- What courses did you attend the Institute?

In 2013, I participated in the documentary film course organized by the Institute with Ebdaa for Audiovisual Production in Rabat. I also had the opportunity to participate in the documentary film diploma at the institute in Qatar.

How did the Institute's courses affect your career?

My participation in the Rabat course can be considered as the "actual beginning" for me to enter the field of documentary filmmaking, after which I was able to organize and use my information and film skills correctly, and "Arcal" was one of the fruits of this course.

After my return to Morocco, I worked on the film "Bushra", which tells the story of a girl in her eighth year, living the lives of nomads deprived of rights such as health, education and playing ... This film that depicts a strong message about the suffering of the lives of "nomads" in Morocco as well as in the Arab world, has received the support and sympathy of the public in all the festivals that it participated in, in addition to the awards it received.

- How do you see media training, is it a demand or a luxury?

Media training is a major demand for those who want to shine in their work and is an opportunity to refine knowledge and skills, especially with the advancement of technology in recent years.

What is your media message?

I believe in the importance and value of human life and, through my artistic work, I seek to shed light on the themes of the marginalized groups, to identify them and to contribute to solving their problems if possible.

Last word

I would like to thank all the instructors of the Institute who have benefited from their knowledge and experience. This has contributed to the development of my skills and accomplishments in various fields, especially the documentary film industry. For me, working on preparing, directing and producing documentary films is a great work and deserves encouragement especially for young beginners in the professional field like us.