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AJMI participates in "Qatari Lecturer" program

AJMI – Doha

The Qatari Ministry of Justice's National Committee for International Humanitarian Law launched on Sunday October 14, a new program entitled “Qatari Lecturer". The program is in collaboration with Al Jazeera Media Institute and Regional Commission of the International Red Cross.

The program aims to develop Qatari competent lecturers and experts in the international humanitarian law as well as training skills. The program focuses on two major parts: familiarity with the international humanitarian law in addition to public speaking and presentation skills.

In her speech before the audience during the press conference of launching the program, Eman Al Amri, AJMI Manager of Planning & Projects said: “The institute's contribution to this program is in line with its constant efforts to develop the skills of the Qatari youths in various types of media and relevant fields as well."

Al Amri, furthermore, added that the participants in this program would receive full set of courses that would prepare them to be trainers and eloquent public speakers, and to make impressive presentations.

“We are pleased to contribute to this program that aims to develop a leading core that is well-equipped with required knowledge and skills to spread the values of the international humanitarian law as well as working towards educating the society," Al Amri added.

The program is being implemented as the world witnesses many armed conflicts -especially in the Arab region- that resulted in enormous number of casualties, destruction of the infrastructure, and during which illegal weapons were used.