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Ahmed Al-Khulaifi’ Success Story


Al-Jazeera Media Institute courses have contributed to developing Ahmad Al-Khulaifi's abilities and talents and to deepen his relationship with his hobbies. Hence, he has been successful in performing his work and be unique in his current position in the Public Relations Department.

- Who is Ahmed Al-Khulaifi?

First, I consider myself peace and humanity lover , always optimistic, and sure that there’s always something beautiful …

I am Ahmad Al-Khulaifi, I work as Officer in the Media Office of the General Directorate of Coast and Border Security in the State of Qatar.

- Your hobbies?

Photography of all kinds is at the top of my interests. I recently held an exhibition called "Black White", which included nearly 48 works of art, accomplished in over a period of four years. The result of my tours in four countries captured several scenes that represent life in these countries and took care to convey the life of the unusual street to the receivers or viewers. Images they were not used to see.

I won the most beautiful photograph award organized by Katara Cultural Village during the 5th Katara 5th Traditional Dhow Festival.

I have other hobbies such as photography and production of short films, in addition to my passion for writing and reading.

- How did you start your journey with the Institute?

I started my relationship with Aljazeera Media Institute when I attended the Dubbing & Voice Over course because of my passion for this field. I liked the method followed in the Institute's courses, combining theoretical and intensive practical applications, and I am still keen to join the Institute’s courses in order to develop my abilities and improve my performance in my field of work.

I attended many courses at Al Jazeera Media Institute, including: Spokesperson,  PR Campaigns Planning – Voice Over Skills - and the Communication Strategy for Social Media Platforms.

All these courses contributed to the development of my work in PR department, and enhanced my abilities in organizing conferences and events, and gained the confidence, ability and skills necessary to do this work to the fullest.

- Last word.

Following my participation in the Institute’s courses, I realized that that media field is characterized by depth and complexity, and we will continuously need to learn more skills and knowledge, and will be able to acquire new skills every day ... So I ask all those wishing to develop their skills and refine their talents to join the courses of Al Jazeera Media Institute for the importance and strength of its courses.