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The official spokesman

The official spokesman 

Systematic use of experienced official spokesman is an effective way to help reach the organization's planned objectives or a specific program in order to ensure that public announcements are made in the most appropriate fashion.

Spokesmen are individuals appointed by an organisation to speak in the media interviews and important public programs to maximize the impact of favorable messages. Inany company or organization, the Spokesmen should be carefully selected toofficiallyspeakwith regards to the organization's policies or activities.

The Spokesman's agenda should include the following:

  • Instructions on how to make better use of what contained in job tasks, particularly with regard to the organization's policy, to ensure strict compliance with the prepared notes.
  • At least one public statement - or more - on an important issue, durations of which range between 10, 20 and 30 minutes.
  • A set of public statements on additional topic.
  • Well-prepared statement format to be presented to general audience.
  • A background format on public statements, which includes expected questions, taking into account the organization's profile, products or services.
  • Topic-related stories to be used in informal presentations or when finding a better chance of getting the message across effectively.
  • Bullet points to help the Spokesmen during presentations, along with a list of permissible/non-allowable items during the speech or when appearing on TV, radio, media interview or at a press conference.
  • Contact details of the organization's General Directorate, including telephone and fax numbers so that the speaker/Spokesman may speak directly to the senior official.
  • If the speech - orresponse to intervention – includes audio visual materials (such as film, photo slideshow or videotape etc...) these materials shall be made available or preparing description and instructions on necessary tools to be used. The Spokesman shall also be provided with additional copy when necessary.
  • Copies of statements/presentations to help the speaker or official Spokesman change the material's layout design.