Our Initiatives

Based on its pioneering vision and long experience, Al Jazeera Media Institute launches a series of initiatives that aim to promote the media industry at the Arab and international worlds. These initiatives include:

Al Jazeera Ambassadors

Al Jazeera Media Institute launched Al Jazeera Ambassadors Initiative in 2012. This latter is a non-profit initiative that aim to develop media performance and ensure equal opportunity for young media professionals to obtain professional training. The institute has trained about 6,000 trainees in many countries. It also organized 145 courses in America, Europe, Turkey and a number of Arab countries.

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Fellowship Program

In a world of rapid technological developments, the way we produce journalism is evolving every day. The way that audiences interact with content is also evolving. Through the Fellowship Programme, Al Jazeera Media Institute aims to encourage and support academic research to keep up with this ever-changing landscape.

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