Bedouin on a donkey


العودة إلى القصص شاركنا قصتك

Bedouin on a donkey

On my way back from a photo session, I came across Yassin, a friendly Bedouin and his donkey modestly named… "Donkey". He was on his way to get supplies at the nearest village, Rashadiyah, near the Dana valley in central Jordan. Eager to share his lifestyle he showed me a well and mimed how he gets water from it. Then he insisted I ride his donkey but I was saved by a ringtone. He put his hand in his djellaba and pulled out his phone. Even though I travel a lot documenting several ethnic groups, I apparently still have some misconceptions: yes, why should a Bedouin living in the middle of nowhere not have a phone?

Camille Delbos

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