About Us

In February 2004, Aljazeera Media Institute was launched as a knowledge and training center that combines practice and experience with theoretical and applied knowledge in a range of training courses covering various disciplines in the communication field.

The Institute aims to promote the media industry in the Arab as well as international world in cooperation with a group of international institutions to deliver training content with high standards.



To become pioneers in the field of training and media development.



We contribute to building media capabilities for individuals and institutions through a creative team and innovative solutions.



  • Committed to top and distinguished quality standards alongside with an ongoing process of upgrading all products.
  • Encouraging team work spirit and involvement of all staff in the continuous process of developing Institute’s renewable needs.
  • Each employee is responsible for achieving duties and missions associated with his job as per rules and conditions specified for that job.
  • Professional behavior and respect of work ethics.
  • All employees have full right  to access information, know and understand the process of decision making in the Institute.

Key Staff Members

Our Team and what we do

Nour Murad


Training Officer

Abdelmageed Barakat


Training Programs

Salem Ali Al-Marri


Admin and Finance

Mohammed Zaiyd Al Shahwani


Manager of Planning and Projects Department

Talal Abdulkarim


Manager of Training Department

Montaser Marai


Manager of Media Initiatives

Mounir Daymi


Director of Al Jazeera Media Institute

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