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AJMI launches 4th edition of Al Jazeera Fellowship

Al Jazeera Media Institute has launched the fourth edition of the Al Jazeera Fellowship program, which targets journalists interested in conducting academic research related to a field in the media industry or its development.

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AJ Scientific Journalism Forum on digital challenges

The two-day Al Jazeera Scientific Journalism Forum, organized by Al Jazeera Media Institute, concluded Monday, September 21, with 1,500 attendants from 40 countries. The sessions exceeded 350,000 views on Al Jazeera Media Institute's social media platforms.

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"Al Jazeera Ambassadors" provide training online

​AJMI – Doha

As part of its "Al Jazeera Ambassadors" volunteer initiative, Al Jazeera Media Institute organizes a course on television presentation skills, presented by fellow Mohamed Krichen.

The course is held in collaboration with the Oman Journalists Association and attended by a number of reporters and journalists from all over the Sultanate.