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"Al Jazeera Ambassadors" provide training online

​AJMI – Doha

As part of its "Al Jazeera Ambassadors" volunteer initiative, Al Jazeera Media Institute organizes a course on television presentation skills, presented by fellow Mohamed Krichen.

The course is held in collaboration with the Oman Journalists Association and attended by a number of reporters and journalists from all over the Sultanate.

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Top Event
Producing News Programs webinar on AJMI’s E-Learning

​AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute's E-Learning platform resumes its webinar series that was launched last March. Production of TV News Programs is the title of the webinar to be held on June 23-24 at 6 pm (Mecca Time) and presented by Nabil Al-Rehany, AJA Program Editor.