A guide for opinion article writing A new professional media publication of AJMI

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A guide for opinion article writing A new professional media publication of AJMI

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Al jazeera Media Institute has released a new guide alongside its previous professional guides, this guide is about writing an opinion article, prepared by Manar al-Rashwani and edited by colleague Mohammed Khamayseh.

The guide comes within the Institute's strategic plan to maintain media professionalism and enhancing written content quality, as well as promoting theoretical knowledge and develop sound journalistic ethics, and providing a clear guidance to writers to help them develop and refine stronger and more effective writing skills.

The guide consists of three main sections, the first section focusses on defining the nature of opinion article, context of emergence and development of this type of journalistic writing, in addition to defining multiple forms of opinion articles. The second section reviewed practical aspects on how the writer approach opinion article and how to build and develops his statement in a way that makes the article suitable to be published within this category. This section also included discussions on basic professional ethical standards that writers should adhere to when writing opinion articles. In the last section of the guide, the author discusses different methods that a writer can adopt to reach the stage of publishing opinion article and how to build his professional reputation in this field.

Commitment to professionalism and quality remains the core value that Al jazeera Media Institute insists on it in addition   to intensive knowledge or technical guidelines that enable journalists to master skills related to a certain genre of journalism or a new field of journalism such as: Data Journalism Guide, Investigative Journalism Guide... and other related guides.