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New courses at Aljazeera Media Institute: Storytelling for podcast

Aljazeera Media Institute announces a new course in coming May, that is writing for podcast, which targets ambitious and professionals seeking to improve and upgrade their personal skills in podcast production and podcast presentation with focus on storytelling, screenwriting and technical aspects such as audio recording and editing.

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4 courses and 10 training workshops held by the Institute during the holy month of Ramadan

During the holy month of Ramadan, Aljazeera Media Institute held four training courses and ten specialized workshops, including two workshops for young age groups.

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A workshop on Press coverage for the War on Gaza, Documenting the crime through e-learning platform

Aljazeera e-learning platform held a two-days training workshop (on third and fourth of April) titled, "Press Coverage for the War on Gaza... Documenting the Crime", presented by Aljazeera correspondent in Palestine, Heba Akileh.