AlJazeera Ambassadors

Al Jazeera Ambassadors is a non-profit initiative launched by the Al Jazeera Media Institute in 2012 to provide training to young media students and professionals in the developing countries. Its vision is to deliver the values of free press and professional journalism, and to transfer the skills and expertise of Al Jazeera experts through free training courses to empower media talents around the world.

This program is based on pure volunteering, where a selection of journalists, presenters and technicians from the Al Jazeera Media Network donate their time and efforts to share their expertise in journalism, and to contribute to building a new generation of local media professionals.


The Al Jazeera Ambassadors initiative aims to equip media workers in the developing countries with the skills of modern journalism and provide them with the knowledge of new media technologies. It also seeks to improve their work conditions through spreading the principles of professionalism, equal opportunities and free access to training for young media professionals anywhere in the world.


University students, young media professionals, press amateurs and employees of independent media institutions have been the main beneficiaries of this program. Since its launch in 2012, the program trained nearly 6,000 journalists around the world. Over 150 training workshops were held in many cities in Palestine, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Tunisia, Turkey, Qatar, Sudan, Mauritania, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the United States.