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Drama Documentaries

Drama Documentaries


From: 18/02/2024 - 29/02/2024

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Visual Creativity

11300QAR / 3096USD



• University degree in journalism.
• At least one year of journalism experience for non-journalism graduates.
• Some experience in documentary filmmaking.

Course Description

There is no art form that examines life, its details, and humanity like the documentary film. Therefore, the documentary film is the parallel and equivalent to life itself. Building upon this, we can see that learning the drama of documentary filmmaking requires a lot of knowledge, culture, and refined artistry. However, before all of this, it is essential to understand the concept of documentary filmmaking and the evolution of narrative techniques. Additionally, knowing how to transform realistic material, which can sometimes appear boring and unexciting, into a narrative that captivates and affects the audience. This is precisely what this course will address through explanation, analysis of film examples, and exercises in scriptwriting.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, participants will:
• Discuss the concept of documentary films in cinema, television, and digital media.
• Study the cultural, dramatic, and aesthetic concepts of documentary films.
• Define the concept of "documentary film script" and use the necessary tools and elements for scriptwriting.
• Explain the visual composition and visual language, its alphabet, and how to creatively use it.

Course Outline

• Introduction to documentary filmmaking:
- Concept of documentary filmmaking and its various types.
- The uniqueness of documentary film in cinema, television, and digital platforms.
- Schools of documentary filmmaking.

• Theories of documentary filmmaking:
- Evolution of documentary filmmaking from reality to docudrama.
- Difference between fictional realism and cinematic realism.
- Style, dramatic structure, and visual aesthetics.

• Writing a documentary film script:
- Concept of the script in documentary filmmaking.
- Research and its types.
- Elements of treatment and how to write them.
- Storytelling for documentary films in cinema, television, and digital platforms.
- Content and visual construction of interviews and techniques for execution.

• Creativity in visual language:
- Visual composition and the visual style of the film.
- Filming strategies and sound design in documentary filmmaking.
- Differences between shooting for documentary and narrative films.
- Aesthetic and dramatic concept of lighting in documentary films.
- Theories of editing, visual construction, and drama.

Course Benefits

• A graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.
• A graduation project: short documentary film.