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Film Production with Mobile

Film Production with Mobile


Eyad AlDaoud


From: 12/01/2020 - 16/01/2020

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Digital Media

6200QAR / 1699USD



- A year experience in the journalistic and media work
- A General Certificate, a university degree in media is given priority

Course Description

The mobile documentary film production and the way it is delivered and broadcast to the public have led to radical changes in filming. These changes affected the way the topic is approached, the duration of the film, the presence of the film-maker, the narrative, the publishing and the interaction with the audience/public. This course is designed to give journalists and producers an overview on how to deal with the content using a mobile phone in documentary film making. It also helps them recognize the mobile techniques and gives them practical training in their use, as well as in determining the appropriate mechanisms of interaction with the public.

Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should:
- Understand the changes that have affected the mobile made documentary film
- Master the approaches and learn the first steps of producing a documentary film using a mobile
- Make a film from the idea to the design and the scenario as well as the different ways of treating them

Course Outline

• The first model: the documentary film approach to mobile, the storytelling, the audiovisual style as well as dealing with the public and users
• The creative content
- How can one use the same method and content for a TV documentary in a mobile one
- Some features in mobile doc. filmmaking: how to choose the topic and the angle of the treatment? How to find the appropriate treatment angle, the presence of the film maker and the basic public?
- Making a mobile doc. and publishing it: how to communicate with the TV, the Internet and social media.
- From the public to the basic audience: How to raise the level of interest and the active participation of the public primary users?

• Storytelling
- How to build a unique and original story using mobile doc. filming and not copying from television
- Mobile storytelling using mobile phones: six basic types of short stories, and how to use them effectively in the documentary.
- How can stories be affecting? How can they be built? The user's device (PC, tablet, phone) and its impact on the doc. storytelling and its publishing

• the audiovisual
- Audio-visual method of the mobile documentary: the visual side, the sound design and the interface of mobile documentary films
- The strong visual presence of the traditional camera compared to the high technical quality of the almost unnoticed mobile camera
• The Workflow:
- Content Planning: from the first idea of the topic to the framing of the whole subject, from touring the places to be filmed to planning their actual filming and from assessing the footages to determining the style of their editing and sound design.
- Plans of publishing and distribution: models and user content, creating interfaces for users in addition to the user experience
• The second model: the practical skills - the planning, the photography and the documentary film production stages for the Internet after the film shooting
- The stages of the search and the traditional

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate accredited by Aljazeera Media Institute.