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Film Production with Mobile

Film Production with Mobile


From: 15/01/2023 - 19/01/2023

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: Digital Media

6200QAR / 1699USD



- At least one year of experience in technical and/or journalistic work.
- High school, preferably a university degree in journalism and media.

Course Description

In the fast-paced world of technology; Where the camera, editing and broadcasting machine is in your pocket, you and your phone can act as a production facility.
This is a specialized course in the production of documentary and short fiction films using the personal mobile phone, and hands-on training in photography techniques, montage, and sound and graphics applications, accompanied by watching interesting and diverse film models.

Course Objective

- Understanding the new transformations in film narration and directing, and benefiting from the advantages of mobile artistic production.
- Enable each participant to make a mobile movie, and to do all the shooting, editing, writing and directing operations.

Course Outline

- An introduction to the struggle of large and small screens in attracting audiences.
- Definition of mobile movies, features and specifications.
- Brand operating systems compete in the field of mobile photography and production.
- Creating creative ideas that keep pace with mobile intelligence and the diversity of the Internet world.
- Preparing the general perception of the mobile movie (type of film | concept summary | duration | audience | viewing window | production schedule).
- Developing the story and building the scenario of events and characters, whether it is a documentary that adheres to reality, or a fictional novel.
- Professional photography using a mobile phone, and learning about: the privacy of lighting and sound in mobile films | Cinematic Picture Control Applications | Photography aids.
- Creating the audiovisual story using professional montage applications on the phone.
- Investing the soundtrack in enriching the emotional mood of the mobile movie.
- Evaluation of the last montage version of the film.

Course Benefits

A graduation certificate by Aljazeera Media Institute.