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Art of Debate

Art of Debate


From: 05/03/2023 - 07/03/2023

Time: 09:00 - 16:00

Category: The Art of Communication

4200QAR / 1151USD



- A university degree.

Course Description

The "Art of Debat" course covers the basic aspects of the art of debate, starting with the analysis of contemporary discussion topics and issues, the ability to deliver a clear and sequential speech, and communication with the audience to convince them of an opinion by employing correct arguments and logical inferences, and employing critical thinking skills in various areas of life. The course focuses on providing theoretical and training material (applied) in the field of competitive educational debates that enables the trainees to lay the foundations of the debate grounds, such as providing the definition, identifying the reason for the debate, and clarifying its general context in order to draw a common ground for the debate; In addition, it enables them to understand and construct arguments, accept or refute them, and reconstruct them in a logical manner consistent with their position on the debate. The course also deals with a range of contemporary societal topics and issues that are relevant to the trainees and their academic specializations.

Course Objective

At the end of the course, participants should:
• Be familiar with the concept of competitive educational debate, its importance, etiquette and the system for conducting it.
• Employing critical thinking tools on social issues related to their reality.
• Develop the skill of communication and public speaking fluently.
• Rooting the principle of expressing opinion logically and respectfully, accepting differences and respecting the other.
• Develop the level of speaking the Arabic language through use it as a medium for logical dialogue.

Course Outline

The concept of debate:
- Definition of debate.
- Types of debates.
- The importance of debates.
- The general form of competitive debate.

• Building an opinion on a case and defending it:
- Model: problem - solution - result.
- Arguing.
- Refutations and interventions.

• Speech organization skills:
- Determining the floor of the debate and points of conflicts.
- Speech arrangement.
- Speaking and body language.

Course Benefits

- A Graduation certificate from Aljazeera Media Institute.