4 courses and 10 training workshops held by the Institute during the holy month of Ramadan

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4 courses and 10 training workshops held by the Institute during the holy month of Ramadan


AJMI - Doha

During the holy month of Ramadan, Al jazeera Media Institute held four training courses and ten specialized workshops, including two workshops for young age groups.

Courses included Emotional Intelligence course, Official letter and report drafting course, Creative management course, in addition to two courses held for the first time this year, namely, Creative management Course and Change and innovation management for a total of 47 trainees who aspire to enhance their media knowledge and communication and leadership skills.

In the same context, the Institute held during the evenings of the same month, ten specialized workshops in various media fields with a total number of 120 trainees, including 24 trainees from young age groups. These workshops include:

  • TV presentation workshop
  • Mobile food photography workshop
  • Voice concentration workshop
  • Press conference management workshop
  • Media culture workshop
  • Press release writing workshop
  • Writing digital video workshop
  • Open coverage workshop

Trainees were thankful to the amount of knowledge they got in the field of media which enhance their interest to join, in the coming period, more media specialized courses presented by experts of Aljazeera Media Network. In this regard, Wadha Al-Khalidi said: I was keen to participate in some courses held by the Institute, from time to time, to keep pace with professional and technical developments in the field of media.

It should be noted that Aljazeera Media Institute dedicated, this year, a considerable number of workshops for young age groups in the month of Ramadan for the first time.