Private Courses

Characteristics of Private Courses

These courses are organized according to the private institutions’ needs with the aim of improving the performance of the trainees and, therefore, increase their level of productivity at work. The private courses are also characterized by their flexibility as they are particularly designed for the target institution based on our agreement on the following aspects:

  • The Course level
  • The Course axes
  • The Course Objectives
  • The Course outputs
  • Time and place of the course

Course content

The special courses cover all topics in various branches and disciplines in the communication field starting from the courses of journalism, radio, television, through technical operation, technical design skills, photography skills and creativity, to digital media, communication and public relations .etc. In addition to various media disciplines, Al Jazeera Media Institute also offers courses in business management.

Courses for senior officials and managers

Al Jazeera Media Institute offers courses for senior managers using both the training and coaching methods, which vary in terms of the course duration as well as the relationship between the trainer and the trainee.

The coaching training program

This program begins by identifying the beneficiary’s overall abilities and skills.  After that, the trainer works on these abilities and skills and develops them through a series of long-term actions.

The Training Program

This program encompasses short-term courses that are mainly designed to develop the beneficiary’s skills and enhance his/her performance in a specific area.


  • The private courses are held either at Al-Jazeera Media Institute or at the beneficiary's headquarters.
  • The courses should be requested at least one month before the execution date through contacting the Business Development Department at Al Jazeera Media Institute through via:

Telephone: 0097455395289