Biafo Bienvenue Kapé


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Biafo Bienvenue Kapé

The midday heat is overwhelming. Under the shade of a tree, Biafo Bienvenue Kapé is busy stripping long branches. This Central African man weaves small rattan stools of different sizes. They are also used to carry goods on the head and to carry fruit, vegetables and dried cassava from street vendors. Aged 37, Biafo Bienvenue sells about 4 stools per day: the smallest stool sells for 250 CFA francs (0.43 USD) and the largest for 1000 CFA francs (1.72 USD). This barely allows him to cover the food needs of a family with 6 children. In recent decades, successive political and military crises have led to a deep discontinuity in Central African Republic’s growth. Since December 2013, more than 400,000 internally displaced persons have been living in precarious conditions, and as many are refugees in neighbouring countries. Today, 76% of the population suffers from multidimensional poverty. The Central African Republic is among the poorest of the least developed countries.

Camille Delbos

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