Crystal Port


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Crystal Port

When fatigue and pain affect physical abilities, the vast majority of squid fishermen smoke methamphetamine at work in Santa Rosalia, Baja California, Mexico. They must fish exactly one ton per man. They will only be paid when they have filled the small boat. One ton a day is a lot, but the pressure from the mainly Chinese, Korean and Spanish buyers, who impose quotas and prices, as well as the need for these fishermen to survive, leave them with no choice. The molluscs are brought to the surface by hand. This work feels like fishing from another age. As the hours go by, the pace slows and cramp paralyzes their fingers. When it is difficult to be physically active, many give up and find comfort and energy in methamphetamines. But today, they will not go fishing. The Chinese company imposing quotas does not need squid. Due to work, drug use has become daily. Roberto has just heard the news he won’t take to sea today. He starts pinching his neck; addiction and withdrawal are beginning to be felt.

Story & Photography: Fabien Dupoux

Fabien Dupoux

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