Sleeping boy


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Sleeping boy

At the edge of Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan, a little boy is sleeping on a horse. From childhood to death, horses are part of nomadic life. Following the Soviet period, the prestige of a Kirghiz person was evaluated by the number of horses owned. Nowadays, there are almost 400,000 horses in the country. They are bought for transport, agricultural work, their meat and Kymiz, fermented mare's milk. In the past, they also played a military role: the nomad became a warrior thanks to his horse. In these times of peace, they are feted in many celebrations with equestrian games. During the summer, the nomads leave them free to roam all day long. Before nightfall, men gather the herd and women milk the mares. Hitting or flaying a horse is also considered shameful. Humans and horses are inseparable friends: as with this child in Song Kul, they share a relationship of trust.

Arthur Thouret

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