Wakhi baker


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Wakhi baker

For several centuries, the Wakhi people have elected to live among raw and beautiful valleys and rivers. They predominate in northern Chitral, in the valleys of Ishkoman, Gojal and Hunza. The Wakhis content themselves with meagre resources and a simple lifestyle associated with fierce independence and pride, thus preserving their culture and traditions. An unusual longevity is attributed to this people. They are an example of living a harmonious life in one’s environment, even in very harsh and landlocked areas. Surrounded by rocks, streams, towering mountains, they maintain a special relationship with their greatest enemy and ally: nature. They magically grow crops such as barley, wheat and apricots in this arid environment. Thick or flat, bread is part of their staple food and occupies a fundamental place in all seated rituals: welcoming guests for tea, at weddings, and all meals of the day, supplemented with a little rice and vegetables.

Camille Delbos

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